How do we serve you?

When you join Light Before Dawn, you are guided through Code Breaking, Meaning Making and Cocreating, towards your Awakening.

What is the focus of Code Breaking

In this stage we use a variety of assessments to uncover elements of you - including your strengths, your motivators, key ways you connect with others and certain archetypes.

With greater clarity we highlight what are the blocks in you living your life in a resourceful state.

what is the focus of Meaning Making

Now we have gained clarity on what is imperative for you to let go to live a life in a resourceful state, we make meaning on how certain elements interact with each other. We deepen our understanding on the complexity of such interrelated influences on why you are in a more state of surviving, rather than thriving. These influences include your thinking patterns, beliefs, mindset, nervous system state, somatic system, body blueprint, how you are connecting with others, daily habits and basics such as sleep.

what is the focus of CoCreating

We now introduce strategies and daily practices to guide you into a state of thriving-including mental hygiene practices ensuring a foundation of emotional and physical wellness. We know what you have to let go, manage and tend to, so you can respond rather than react in your life. Once we have established your grounding daily habits for mind, body and nervous system stability, and you have let go what is not serving you, we guide you into flourish, and living a life in resourceful state. A life where you die without regret.

how do you join light before dawn?

Book a connect call with our lead guide Fi, by clicking the button below.


What is a connect call?

A Connect Call is a 15-30 minute meeting - on the phone - with the Lead Guide.

What is the pattern of meeting with guides?

The pattern of meeting - being weekly or two weekly, the time for each meeting - 60, 75 or 90 minutes, and the guide to serve you, is agreed at the Connect Call

What is the investment model of meeting with guides?

Investment within Light Before Dawn is broad and dependent on the guiding most serving you at the time of Connecting with us. 

On completion of your Code Breaking and Meaning Making, you can invest in a bundle of four meetings - adding value to the quality of us serving you. 

What is the investment for meeting with the Lead Guide?

Code Breaking - 75 minute meeting £150

Meaning Making - 75 minute meeting £150

Cocreating - 75 minute meeting £150 or a bundle of four meetings £580

What is the investment for meeting with the Specialist Guides?

Code Breaking - 60 minute meeting £70 | 90 minute meeting £100

Meaning Making - 60 minute meeting £70 | 90 minute meeting £100

Cocreating - 60 minute meeting £70 or a bundle of four meetings £260 | 90 minute meeting £100 or a bundle of four meetings £380

Aurora is a truly gifted and inspiring woman. She helped me get clear on what I wanted for my life, but more importantly, how to live a more loving, joyful and authentic life. Thanks to her I have recognised more potential in myself than I ever thought possible. I feel brighter and ready to share my gifts with the world!

Nicole | australia