What is life like living in flourish? 

Read the stories of a few selected clients.

Calandra spends time and consideration on you as a person until she understands the issues you are facing and what your goals might be. She then tailors her meetings to what is relevant to you and runs them at a speed that you are comfortable with. 


I went to see Calandra as I wanted to reduce the amount of anxiety I felt when meeting new clients and tendering for new contracts; it's a critical part of my business as first impressions can colour the life of a business relationship. She taught me a technique for altering my mindset and giving me a positive outlook on new encounters that really does work. Thanks Calandra

jim | brighton

I came to Calandra and Light before Dawn because it had become clear that I not only wanted to, but needed to make changes with the way in which I conducted myself and with the way I interact with other people. Both personally and professionally, but I could not do it alone.


The reason I chose Calandra is because she is an excellent listener and communicator with the wonderful ability to make you feel relaxed and in no way judged. 


I knew that in order to make changes I would have to discuss some areas in my life that could potentially be painful or emotional and being able to be completely open and honest is imperative to the process, as is the connection that is made between you and your ..........  and I found that Calandra naturally puts you at ease and gives you the space and encouragement to face the difficult feelings that may arise.


I couldn't be happier with the results that I am seeing so far, as I have not yet completed our time together but I am already starting to understand what drives me and why I respond in certain ways.

Being given a map to understanding what triggers me is really helping me to step back and recognise behavioural patterns and then in time I will be able to adjust my responses or give myself the necessary things to change the course of my mood.


I will be sad to see our time end but I feel that Calandra has really helped me with my future and becoming the person that I aspire to be. If I could I would continue to have our weekly check ins as I can feel the progress after every session.

kirstin | brighton

I have been meeting FI for over 2 years. Before meeting with Fi, I struggled with negative thoughts and emotions. I tended to see the problems in most things right away, and I struggled with change massively. At the time I felt that I was good at seeing things from other peoples perspectives, but working with Fi made me realise I was not as good at this as I certainly could be. And I was very impatient. I was always looking to the future, thinking about what I didn’t have, that if I could only get, would make me happy. 


Working with Fi, she has facilitated me learning to calm down, and be present. Through gratefulness practice, I have learned to find the good in most if not all days and situations. This simple yet difficult change has really changed how I view the world. Ultimately, what we choose to focus on, changes our overall mood and being. I know that the old me would have struggled massively to even read something like this. I have always been heavily rooted in science. And due to that analytical brain, I have always unconsciously looked for problems in things. While this is useful at times, it can become consuming, and create a negative outlook on life. Learning to take small moments to appreciate even simple good things in my life ie a nice meal, sunshine, the amazing people in my life, has changed my outlook massively. It is genuinely that simple, but takes time to create that as a habit. 


I would say for anyone who might be put off by how overly positive this all seems, to simply try a session. Fi never forced it down my throat, I never felt like I was being turned in to a hippy, nor do I feel I am one now either. To get something that you don't have, you need to be willing to try something that you never have. I feel so much happier. And really, who doesn't want that? 


Fi is the most patient person I have probably ever met. There were times when I was getting frustrated with myself when I felt I was not understanding something, or that I never would. She never rushed me. We have had many difficult conversations, and she has always been 100% honest with me, even apologising if she felt afterward that she was pushing me in a direction that maybe did not serve me at that time. That honesty, and humility and communication is extremely rare, and has built a deep level of trust in her as my guide. Nothing has ever been taboo to talk about, she has never made me feel uncomfortable. And she has a wicked sense of humour! 

james | worthing

Since working with Fi, I have made huge changes in my life. I have found a creative outlet that brings me joy, I am looking at my relationships in new ways, I am changing the way that I work in order to live a more exciting and satisfying life. I have new strategies to challenge negative thought cycles, and I am now using writing as a revolutionary tool for understanding my thoughts and feelings. I am finding that I am able to be much braver with how I live my life, and I believe that I am finding more meaning in everything that I’m doing. Being guided by Fi is inspiring. I look forward to every meeting, and come away filled with ideas, understanding and self-love. 

grace | london

Unpleasant memories from the past were affecting the present and stopping my quality of life. I wanted confidence and self belief in myself to greatly improve.

I am putting into practice, as much as possible and where relevant, all the tips Fi has shared with me. Resulting in my life improving in a holistic way. I am slowly losing the old beliefs and introducing new, empowering ones. I now understand, in a practical way and to a much higher degree, how the brain and body work. This has been proven to me by Fi, via her knowledge of scientific based facts. I now understand that I can change my approach to life and more importantly, how to manage any unwanted thoughts.

I am moving forward by putting into place, daily, all the skills Fi has shared with me. The greatest movement is ‘belief in me’. I am happier.

Meeting Fi is like being thrown a life line. She is so personable and genuine. She radiates goodness and a love and understanding of people. I appreciate all that Fi has shared with me but most of all that she listens 100% and never judges me. Being guided by Fi is like having an angel walking along side of me, always supporting and guiding me.

client | brighton

I had recently left work to take an adult gap year and was struggling to let go of needing to be doing (rather than simply being).  The pressures I was putting on myself (in the form stories I told myself about what others thought of my choices) were preventing me from enjoying the time away from work that I had spent so long deliberating over taking.  I was also challenged with wanting to find the "perfect" new career as well as managing evolving family circumstances

I wanted to reduce how much I cared about others' opinions of me and to improve my ability to listen to my gut reaction (instead of feeling overwhelmed by indecision).

Fi helped me understand what my Drivers were and how they were influencing my thoughts/feelings.  I learned that my strong Please People and Hurry Up drivers were leading me and I am working to reduce how much I allow these to drive my feelings. I let go of caring as much of what people thought of me and my life choices.  I reviewed the stories I was telling myself about what others thought of me to unpack what was truthful vs what my mind was creating. 

I now only see people who mean a lot to me on a regular basis.  I commit to doing less in the weekday evenings that does not further my physical or mental well being. 

I am learning to respect that people achieve different ambitions at different stages of their lives, and I am practicing not comparing myself to other people's life goals.

I still have moments of feeling lost but feel better equipped to handle them and understand they are temporary.

I understand better that things happen in a certain sequence or at a certain time for a reason.  

I have begun unravelling my identity from what I do for work, realising that doing good enough at work and retaining more balance in my life will serve me better than aiming to be "perfect" at work at the expense of other things  

Being guided by Fi was an essential step in regaining the confidence in my own decision making and finding ways to connect with the enjoyment we can all find in life, even when you feel out of control.

I would recommend meeting with Fi to anyone who knows they want to make changes in their life but who doesn't know where to start. 

Fi helped me make sense and order my thoughts in a way that meant I could productively approach the challenges I was facing. 

lettie | london

Fi is a wonderful practitioner who generously shares so much knowledge and wisdom with all of her clients. The tools she has shared with me are practical and supported me to really embody who I am. This has been a fascinating experience and though not always easy, a journey that I would not change. Fi seamlessly weaves her experience, learning, models and skills to co-create sessions with her clients that I can only describe as heart-centred catalysts for the change that you are desiring. I have thoroughly cherished working with Fi and I highly recommend her services.

Hannah | brighton

I just want to let you know how I am getting on.  Firstly I want to say the change is huge, yet so subtle, I don't really understand it, because when I was having sessions with you they didn't feel like much, and at the time I was a little sceptical. When I hit the menopause I really felt like everything was all downhill, I felt like I wasn't coping, life felt hard, I was even considering hormone therapy. So what has happened is a complete turn around. 

Firstly I am calm in general, nothing seems so difficult, I am sleeping properly, I have energy again and generally just feel happier and more positive. 

The biggest change has been on my relationships, both family and work and the relationship with myself. I can't thank you enough. 

My journey with you isn't over just yet and when the time is right I will be back for more insight and learning.

emma | dubai

I came to Fi at a low ebb in my life. I had previously attended extensive counselling and still found myself at a low point.

Fi is very welcoming, attentive and warm. Fi is a bit of a polymath in so many areas relating to looking after and developing the self.  I have not come across someone who can cross so many often encountered divides to provide holistic coaching and support.

Fi put in place simple measures relating to boundaries that stabilised my life. From there we have explored nurturing me. Two years on I still see Fi regularly as she walks with me in the world where I have a sense of being comfortable in myself I've never experienced before.

vince | brighton

I cannot imagine not having Fi in my life.

We have worked on and off for a number of years focusing on different aspects of my life that were relevant at the time. 

It has been so rewarding to have someone neutral, kind and fair to support and challenge me as I grow.

When I look back on who I was before, I felt like I didn’t know the rules on how to live my life or how to get the most out of it… Fi has helped me move past some of the beliefs that held me back by bringing out of me the parts that I really value and was too scared to reveal, while helping me acknowledge the parts that had a grip on me and were holding me back. 

Since meeting Fi I have been courageous enough to break through so many boundaries personal and professionally.

I am living my best life: I am achieving more, I am having more meaningful relationships, I am living the life that brings me value & contentment.

mat | london